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We are now offering new services which is, Asbestos Identification and Removal, and another is Ground Liquefaction,

Asbestos Identification and Removal

We are independent licensed assessors specialising in asbestos testing, surveys, clearances and consultancy for residential, commercial and industrial applications. Providing asbestos advice and services, we are a dedicated independent and professional team based in Auckland. We also offer our services throughout New Zealand. As a result our work has taken us to Hamilton, Wellington, Christchurch and various regional centers across the country.

Our team of 3 licensed asbestos assessors has over 15 years combined experience in the asbestos Industry. A part of that experience has been gained in the asbestos removal sector. We believe this type of experience as well as our attention to detail, knowledge and supportive practices, gives us a real advantage over other assessors. We work alongside licensed asbestos removalists, tradespeople, commercial and residential clients. As well as architects, government departments and WorkSafe to achieve the best possible results. By providing the best asbestos advice, our aim is to make sure workers do the job right with everyone’s best interests in mind from a health & safety and financial perspective.

Asbestos testing and surveys

Asbestos project management

Asbestos management plans

Air quality monitoring

Asbestos clearances

Asbestos awareness course

All our assessors hold a WorkSafe approved license. Each assessor is trained to BOHS international standards


‘We believe in ensuring a safe environment for us all to live, work and raise our families.’