Specified Systems

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Specified Systems

As a building owner, you need to appoint Independently Qualified Persons (IQPs) to inspect the Specified Systems in your building. If maintenance is required, this work must also be completed. Both processes are an essential part of obtaining a Building WOF.

We can help at Fireaway Building Compliance. We have in-depth knowledge of Specified Systems and all areas of building management. Each member of our team is also fully qualified and accredited as an IQP.

Specified Systems Explained

Buildings typically contain a range of features, many of which have a direct impact on the safety of the building. This includes features that must be included in your building by law, such as emergency lighting systems, as well as systems that you install for performance, comfort, and functionality, such as lifts and air conditioning systems.

These features are collectively known as Specified Systems as they have been identified as requiring regular inspection and maintenance.

All the Specified Systems in your building must have a compliance schedule issued by the Council. There are then further legal requirements that you must follow to keep your building safe and ensure compliance. We can help with all these responsibilities, however, making the process as easy as possible. Get in touch today to get a quote.

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