Building Warrant of Fitness

Issuing Building WOF certificates, renewing building WOF certificates, IQP inspections

Evacuation Schemes

Preparing evacuation plans, submitting them for approval, and helping you implement them

Fire extinguisher maintenance

Servicing plus annual (or more frequent) inspections and testing

About us Fireaway Building Compliance is Auckland’s Fire Safety Specialists

Fire Protection Auckland NZ

We provide a range of fire safety services to body corps, building owners, landlords, property managers, business owners, and more.

Each member of our team is Council IQP and IANZ accredited. We also have in-depth knowledge of fire safety regulations, plus we have extensive experience of fire safety-related matters in a range of different building and property types.

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Commercial Fire Protection & Safety Services in Auckland

The regulations relating to commercial building fire safety are highly detailed and require specialist knowledge. That's where we can help at Fireaway Building Compliance, as we offer the expertise that you need to ensure your building remains compliant with regulations.

Of course, providing fire protection services in Auckland isn't just about maintaining compliance. There is also a safety issue to consider, too, where you have an obligation to the people who use your building and others. We can give you the peace of mind that you need that your building is safe and that you have comprehensive plans and operational equipment in place to deal with the unexpected.

Evacuation Plans

The law says that certain types of buildings must have an evacuation plan. If you are unsure about whether your building falls under this requirement, we can provide the advice that you need. We can also develop your evacuation plan, ensuring it complies with the current regulations. In fact, we can also help if it is not a legal requirement to have an evacuation plan, but you want to create one anyway.

As we have a deep understanding of fire protection issues in Auckland and the relevant legislation, we take the hassle out of preparing evacuation plans. Give us a call today to find out more.

Fire Extinguisher Maintenance

The law says the fire extinguishers in your building also have to be regularly maintained. Our qualified and experienced team will inspect and test your fire extinguishers to ensure they operate to the required standard. We can also give you advice on the fire extinguishers that your building needs, as well as the maintenance schedule that you should follow. For most buildings, that schedule will be once a year, but it can be more in certain situations.


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Evacuation plans

You will get an Evacuation Scheme that gets approved and that helps to protect people as well as your assets.

Building Warrant of Fitness

Does your property need a Building Warrant of Fitness (WOF)? Are you unsure if Building WOFs apply to your property?

Specified Systems

At Fireaway Building Compliance, we can supply registered Independent Qualified People (IQP) and tradesmen to facilitate Specified Systems