What We Do

Fire Protection and Compliance in Auckland

At Fireaway Building Compliance, we can help ensure you meet your legal obligations for fire and building safety. We have extensive experience working with business owners, landlords, and building managers, providing a full range of building management, fire protection, and compliance services throughout the Auckland area.

Each member of our team is fully qualified and certified, including holding IANZ certifications and being accredited by Auckland Council as being independently qualified persons (IQP). The range of services that we offer includes building WOFs, evacuation plan services, compliance services for Specified Systems, and fire extinguisher maintenance.

Our Expertise

Commercial Building Management, Fire Protection, & Safety Services Auckland


Building WOFs

We offer a full range of Building Warrant of Fitness services, including providing advice, issuing new WOFs, renewing WOFs, and more.


Evacuation Plans

Get in touch with us for expert advice and support in the preparation of evacuation plans, as well as getting them approved and implemented.


Specified Systems

Building owners are responsible for ensuring specified systems are inspected and properly maintained. We can help ensure you remain in compliance.


What Our Customers Think

Full range of building management services for building owners in Auckland.