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What We Do

Fire Protection and Compliance in Auckland

At Fireaway Building Compliance, we can help ensure you meet your legal obligations for fire and building safety. We have extensive experience working with business owners, landlords, and building managers, providing a full range of building management, fire protection, and compliance services throughout the Auckland area.

Each team member is trained in order to meet your service requirements, and they are in the process of obtaining their IQP registrations. Our main team member retains IQP registration or majority of specified systems. The range of services that we offer includes building WOFs, evacuation plan services, compliance services for Specified Systems, and fire extinguisher maintenance.

Our Expertise

Commercial Building Management, Safety Services & Fire Protection Auckland

The Fireaway team consistently supplies designs, specifies and installs projects that we are proud of. With this high calibre of work comes a deep respect for our clients and their safety. If you want the correct service with the friendliest, most professional team, look no further than Fireaway! 

If you ask our clients for feedback on our services, you will hear that the building management, warrants of fitness inspections and fire and safety protection measures exceeded their expectations. 

Whether your home, hotel, restaurant or office block is undergoing an alteration, renovation, refurbishment or a new build, the fire and safety systems are frequently affected or need upgrading.

Give us a call and we’ll keep it simple while ensuring it is 101% compliant. Your safety is our success.

Our Approach

When addressing fire protection, Auckland, as well as commercial building management and safety services, we start with a client or principal contractor meeting to assess the needs., objectives, budget and future growth plans. We then review and assess the site and return to the office to work out the specifications and project requirements and submit a proposal.

After being appointed, we initiate detailed pre-planning and meet with key contractors to discuss the proposed solution in a turnkey approach. This is cost-saving for you long term as it eliminates structural or services conflicts or misunderstandings through changes by other contractors. 

The Importance Of Our Services, Auckland

When it comes to saving a life, saving property or, indeed, saving a whole block of buildings, perfectly functioning fire protection systems are crucial. Having a fire protection system in place that is not maintained, insufficient, inappropriate due to renovations or compromised due to uncertified contractors working on it could result in multiple deaths or significant loss of properties, including neighbouring buildings. 


Building WOFs

We offer a full range of Building Warrant of Fitness services, including providing advice, issuing new WOFs, renewing WOFs, and more.


Evacuation Plans

Get in touch with us for expert advice and support in the preparation of evacuation plans, as well as getting them approved and implemented.


Specified Systems

Building owners are responsible for ensuring specified systems are inspected and properly maintained. We can help ensure you remain in compliance.


What Our Customers Think

Full range of building management services for building owners in Auckland.