Fire Extinguisher Maintenance

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Fire Extinguisher Maintenance

A crucial part of the process of renewing your Building WOF every year is the inspection and maintenance of your fire extinguishers. This work is also essential for keeping your building safe.

If you are looking for fire extinguisher maintenance servicing in Auckland from a skilled, reliable, and qualified team, get in touch with us at Fireaway Building Compliance. We offer a comprehensive range of building management services, including fire extinguisher maintenance. Give us a call today to get a quote.

What We Do

When you contact us for fire extinguisher servicing & maintenance, we will assess the needs of your business. The fire extinguishers in most buildings need to be inspected and serviced once a year, but there are some buildings where this work must be completed more frequently.

Once we understand your requirements, we’ll develop a customised solution that will ensure you remain compliant while also keeping your building safe. We’ll then visit your location on the scheduled days to inspect, service, and test your fire extinguishers. We’ll then apply a tag to the fire extinguisher.

We can also inspect, service, and maintain any other fire protection equipment that you have in your building. To speak to a member of our team, please get in touch.

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