Building WOF’s Auckland

Does your property need a Building Warrant of Fitness (WOF)? Are you unsure if Building WOFs apply to your property? Do you need a Building WOF renewal? Whatever query or requirement you have in relation to Building WOFs, Fireaway Building Compliance can help.

Issuing and Renewing Building Warrant of Fitness Certificates – Fireaway Building Compliance NZ Limited

Our expertise is two-pronged:

  1. Ensuring your building is safe and protected from the risk of fire
  2. Ensuring you remain compliant with current fire safety regulations

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What We Do

Our goal is to make the process of getting, maintaining, and renewing Building WOFs as easy as possible. This is a yearly requirement as your Building WOF only lasts 12 months before it must be renewed. Plus, there are interim inspection requirements as well.

Our team is fully qualified and certified both to carry out IQP inspections and to issue compliance certificates. Plus, we have a thorough knowledge of fire safety regulations and extensive experience in all types of buildings.

Our Building WOF Services

  • New Building WOF
  • Building WOF renewals
  • IQP inspections
  • Issuing Compliance Certificates and council documents
  • Managing council issues on your behalf
  • Inspection Audits
  • Emergency Lighting Tests
  • Fire Alarms Tests
  • Sprinkler Tests
  • Monthly Passive Owners Inspections
  • Fire Penetrations
  • Correlating 12A Certificates for Council

Building Warrant of Fitness Renewal in Taupo NZ

You need to get a new building Warrant of Fitness certificate every year, but we make the process easy here at Fireaway Building Compliance. We offer expert building WOF services throughout the Auckland and Taupo areas, ensuring your building is safe while also ensuring you are in compliance with legal requirements.

When you hire us to complete your building warrant of fitness inspection, you can expect excellent customer service from our professional team. We also keep our prices competitive, so get in touch today to get a quote.

Building Warrant of Fitness FAQs

What is a Building Warrant of Fitness?

A building Warrant of Fitness is a certificate that shows your building has been inspected and determined to be in compliance with current regulations. It lasts for 12 months. A copy of the certificate must be displayed in your building, and another copy goes to the council.

What happens if you don’t get a WOF?

You not only have to get a new WOF for your Auckland or Taupo building every year, but you must also display it in a visible area, so it is accessible by the users of your building. If you don’t, you might be fined.

Is a WOF all I need to ensure I remain in compliance?

To comply with regulations, you will also need documentation that records repair and maintenance work as well as inspections of your building. We can give you further advice on what is required in your specific circumstances.

To get a free, no-obligation quote for your Building WOF needs, please contact us today by emailing [email protected].