Building WOF’s

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The Building Warrant of Fitness Process

The law in New Zealand sets out the standards that buildings must comply with to ensure they are safe. The building WOF process ensures those standards are followed, particularly in relation to fire protection.

Central to the process are Specified Systems. These are systems that exist in buildings that are crucial to the health and safety of users. Good examples are sprinkler systems and fire alarms, but air conditioning systems, lifts, and emergency lighting are also Specified Systems.

Below is an overview of the process. When you hire us at Fireaway Building Compliance, we’ll ensure all the necessary steps are taken to keep your building safe and to ensure you are on the right side of the legislation.

1. Compliance Schedule

Compliance schedules are issued by the Council at the completion of building work. Your building will have a compliance schedule that will outline the Specified Systems in the building.

2. Hire Fireaway Building Compliance

As we are Independently Qualified Persons (IQPs), we can complete the inspection and reporting aspects of the Building Warrant of Fitness process in Auckland. We can also complete a range of maintenance tasks too. You are legally responsible for ensuring this maintenance and inspection work is completed, but we’ll provide you with comprehensive support.

3. Record Keeping

We’ll give you all the necessary documentation for your Building WOF in Auckland, and we can help you set up record-keeping procedures. All documentation related to our inspections as well as repair and maintenance work must be retained for a minimum of two years.

4. Issuing a Building Warrant of Fitness Certificate

We’ll provide you with a copy of the Building WOF in Auckland that you need to display in your building. A copy of the Building WOF and any other required documentation is also sent to the Council.

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